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Slip on Modern Curly’s Sleek Satin Bonnet and protect your curls like never before. No more frizz, no more tangles – just stunning hair, day after day. Your ultimate haircare hack awaits! Revel in the reversible, double-layered luxury. Adjust and secure with ease. Elevate your nightly routine and keep your style pristine.

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Unlock the Magic of Effortless Curly Hair Overnight!

Indulge in the ultimate hair-care experience with Modern Curly’s Premium Satin Bonnet – a haven of luxury for your locks. Lovingly crafted from satin, this sumptuous sleep cap is the nightly ritual your hair has been yearning for.

Product Features:

  • Elegance in Material: Revel in the opulence of our satin material. The Modern Curly bonnet is a touch of indulgence, offering a smooth, frictionless surface that pampers your skin and locks alike, minimizing breakage and preserving your hair’s natural moisture.
  • Innovative Double Layer Design: Embrace the functionality of our double-layered fabric. Not only does it protect your hair from product stains on your bedding, but our reversible bonnet also offers two chic colors to match your mood, ensuring you look and feel fabulous.
  • Customizable Comfort: With a diameter of 34 cm and a lightweight of just 150 grams, our bonnet features an adjustable strap, making it a perfect fit for any head size or hair volume. The stability it provides is especially appreciated during post-surgical recovery.
  • Ultimate Hair Protection: Shield your hair from the nightly terrors of split ends and dryness. The Modern Curly bonnet offers a protective barrier against the harshness of traditional cotton pillowcases, keeping your curls and waves in pristine condition.
  • Versatile and Multifunctional: Whether you’re winding down for the night or going through your skincare routine, our satin bonnet keeps your hair neatly out of the way. It’s not just a sleep accessory; it’s an essential part of your beauty regimen.

Key Benefits:

  • Combat frizz and wake up to silky-smooth curls every morning.
  • Maintain your hair’s ideal moisture balance to prevent dryness and breakage.
  • Prevents tangling and safeguards your hairstyles, ensuring you wake up with your curls just as you styled them.
  • Shield your pillowcases from unwanted hair oils and product residue.
  • Achieve the perfect fit for any head size with our customizable design.
  • Switch up your style with our two-in-one color options.

Brand Promise:

Modern Curly isn’t just a brand; it’s a commitment to the beauty and health of wavy and curly hair. We understand the unique needs of your tresses and design our products to enhance and celebrate them. Every woman deserves to feel gorgeous, and with Modern Curly, you’re not just buying a product; you’re embracing a lifestyle that elevates your natural beauty.

Why Choose Modern Curly’s Satin Bonnet?

Because your hair is your crown, and it deserves the royal treatment. Our satin bonnet is the embodiment of comfort, elegance, and practicality, all woven into one. It’s the nightly luxury your hair has been waiting for, and with Modern Curly, you can rest assured that you’re giving your locks the best care possible.

Additional Information

  • Size: 33-34 cm
  • Weight: 150 gram
  • Material: Satin
  • Colors: Black (black lining),Burgundy (pink lining),burgundy (black lining), navy blue (black lining), purple (light purple lining), dark green (light green lining)

Informasi Tambahan

Berat 1 kg

33-34 cm


Black (black lining),Burgundy (Pink lining), Burgundy (Black lining), Navy Blue (black lining), purple (light purple lining), Dark Turquoise (Light Turquoise)


150 gram


Sleek Satin


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