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Curl Wave Scalp Massager


The Curl Wave Scalp Massager by Modern Curly features soft bristles that gently massage the scalp, promoting relaxation without causing any damage.


Curl Wave Scalp Massager by Modern Curly offers a gentle yet effective way to rejuvenate your scalp, promoting blood circulation and hair growth. Its ergonomic design and eco-friendly materials ensure a comfortable, sustainable hair care routine, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their scalp health.

Your Go-to Solution for Healthy Scalp!

Introducing the Curl Wave Scalp Massager by Modern Curly, an innovative tool designed to revolutionize your hair and scalp health. Crafted from eco-friendly wheat straw silicone, this handheld shampoo brush is your go-to solution for healthy scalp. Its sturdy yet gentle design is perfect for thorough cleansing during your bath, promoting a healthy scalp environment.

Curl Wave Scalp Massager by Modern Curly features soft bristles that gently massage the scalp, promoting relaxation without causing any damage. Its precise touch points effectively stimulate blood flow, fostering stronger hair roots. Ergonomically designed for a comfortable hold, this brush makes your hair washing routine a pleasure. With removable parts for easy cleaning and a design that prevents residue accumulation, it’s as hygienic as it is functional. The added convenience of a round hole allows for straightforward hanging and storage. Transform your hair care practice into a relaxing spa experience with this innovative tool, designed to alleviate stress, eliminate dandruff, and unveil radiant, thick hair.

Promotes Fuller Hair

Designed to stimulate circulation with regular use, this item may enhance scalp health and encourage hair to grow thicker and stronger.

Thorough Scalp Exfoliation

Its cutting-edge construction is adept at exfoliating the scalp, meticulously clearing away dead skin cells, dandruff, and other residues for a truly deep clean.

Adaptable for Any Routine

Whether you prefer to use it on dry hair or as part of your washing regimen, this item is perfectly suited for both scenarios, enhancing its utility.

Uncompromising Safety Standards

Constructed from top-tier, food-grade silicone that is free from BPA, lead, and phthalates, it upholds the strictest measures of consumer safety and wellbeing.

Ergonomic and Customizable

The item boasts a distinctive design that not only fits comfortably in your hand but also allows for simple swapping and upkeep of the head scrubber component, ensuring longevity and peak performance.

Key Features:

  • Premium Silicone Material: Crafted from superior-quality silicone, this tool promises both long-lasting durability and gentle contact with the skin, ensuring a user-friendly experience.
  • Featherlight Design: Weighing a mere 0.2 kilograms, its lightweight construction is engineered for effortless maneuverability and comfort during use.
  • Reputable Brand: Brought to you by Modern Curly, a brand synonymous with trusted curly hair care innovations that cater to the needs of all hair types.
  • Elegant Aesthetic: Presented in a chic shade of blue, this accessory not only serves its purpose but also adds a stylish flair to your hair care collection.
  • Targeted Dandruff Solution: With a focus on combating dandruff, it’s designed to promote a cleaner and healthier scalp, helping you achieve the ultimate in hair hygiene and scalp health.

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7.7 cm


6.7 cm


200 gram


Pink, Regal Purple, Blue, Off-White




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