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Secure Wrapping Microfiber Hair Towel


Discover the soft embrace of Modern Curly’s Microfiber Hair Towel, your new ally in maintaining the integrity of your curls and waves while significantly shortening your hair drying routine. Indulge in the opulence of enhanced hair health with this essential tool for anyone with curly locks.


Secure Wrapping Vibrant Microfiber Hair Towel

Modern Curly introduces a game-changing hair care solution for those graced with curls and waves. Our Microfiber Hair Towel, now in vibrant Pink, regal Purple, Blue and classic White, transcends the ordinary.

Crafted from superior, super-absorbent microfiber, this towel is tailored to meet the distinct drying needs of curly and wavy hair types, diminishing frizz and mitigating the threat of damage that standard drying methods often pose.

Why Choose Our Microfiber Hair Towel?

Our sizable towel (60x100cm) is designed to accommodate a variety of hair lengths and textures, allowing each individual to reap the rewards of swift and effective drying without sacrificing the well-being of their hair. The strategically placed elastic fixing band ensures a snug and secure wrap, granting you the freedom to go about your day with no worries of slippage or moisture seepage. This towel, rich in features, is the perfect enhancement to your daily hair care regimen.

Top 5 Advantages of Using Our Microfiber Hair Towel

  • Accelerated Drying Process
    The advanced microfiber material is engineered to absorb moisture rapidly, halving the time it takes to dry your hair, thus freeing up precious moments for your busy life.
    Microfiber Head towel -Absorbs Water
  • Defensive Hair Care
    The plush texture is kind to your hair, diminishing friction that leads to snags, tears, and frizz, while fostering stronger, more resilient strands.
  • Adaptable for Every Hair Type
    The expansive dimensions and flexible band of the towel make it a universal fit for diverse hair styles and lengths, ensuring everyone can enjoy its benefits.
  • Companion for an Active Lifestyle
    With its steadfast hold, you can dress up, enhance your beauty routine, or simply unwind, all while your hair dries effortlessly.
  • Convenience on the Go
    Lightweight and easy to pack, this towel is an ideal companion for the gym, beach, travel, or home use, keeping your curls looking impeccable wherever life takes you.

How To Use Microfiber Hair Towel:

Using a microfiber hair towel is simple and effective. Follow these steps to ensure you get the most out of your towel while protecting your hair from damage:

  • Step 1: Bend Forward With your hair hanging in front of you, bend forward from your waist so that your hair falls towards the ground. This position will help you wrap your hair properly in the towel.
  • Step 2: Place the Towel Take the microfiber hair towel and place it over the back of your head, ensuring the end with the elastic band is positioned at the nape of your neck. Spread the towel so that it covers your hair completely.
  • Step 3: Wrap Your Hair While remaining bent forward, grab the edges of the towel and begin to twist it gently but firmly around your hair. Make sure all your hair is encased within the twisted part of the towel.
  • Step 4: Secure the Towel Once your hair is fully twisted in the towel, stand upright and bring the twisted portion of the towel back towards the nape of your neck. Secure the twisted end by tucking it under the elastic band at the back of your head. The towel should now fit snugly around your head.
  • Step 5: Let Your Hair Dry Leave the towel on your head to allow your hair to dry. The microfiber material will wick moisture away from your hair faster than conventional towels, reducing drying time. You can leave the towel on while you complete other tasks, such as applying makeup or getting dressed.

Remember, the microfiber hair towel is a gentler alternative to blow-drying, which can help maintain the health and appearance of your hair, especially if you have curls or waves that are prone to frizz.

Additional Information:

  • Size: 60*100cm
  • Weight: 200 gram
  • Material: Premium microfiber
  • Color: Pink, Regal Purple, Blue, Off-White
  • Feature: Secure Wrapping

Brand Promise

Modern Curly is committed to creating cutting-edge hair care products that address the specific needs of those with curly and wavy hair textures.

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Pink, Regal Purple, Blue, Off-White


200 gram


Premium microfiber


Secure Wrapping


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